Everything DiSC Workplace®

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Everything DiSC Workplace® is a comprehensive, easily customisable workplace development solution to engage all employees, regardless of their title or position. At its core, Everything DiSC Workplace® exists to enable employees to build more productive and effective relationships at work through the recognition of behavioural styles.

Throughout this assessment, you will delve into the world of Everything DiSC® to really understand each of the four DiSC® styles and what it means in terms of priorities, motivators and stress triggers.

Included in this assessment pack:

  • Discover your own DiSC® style: Recognise the behaviours and important triggers that shape workplace experiences
  • Explore other styles: You’ll gain an insight into the differences and similarities among the DiSC styles
  • Through this assessment, you will be able to identify strategies that will allow you and your colleagues to create more meaningful connections, whilst learning how to communicate better and work together more effectively

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