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The Leadership Academy offers managers the opportunity to embark on a ‘Journey of Discovery’ to become the best leader they can possibly be.

Whether you’re starting at the beginning and moving through all our levels or you join us at a point that feels right for you, our leadership journeys are tailored so that individuals get the most out of the experience.

Designed around three key principles, DISCOVER. LEARN. CHALLENGE, learners emerge with a greater insight into themselves and those around them, whilst also picking up new skills and knowledge along the way.

Are you ready to DISCOVER yourself?

The first stage of our leadership journey starts in the Discover stage. What is it that makes you tick? What are your natural behaviour traits?

The best personal and professional development starts with the individual. Our programmes in this stage allows learners to recognise barriers and discover how to stretch to become the best colleague you can be.

Leadership Development Programme

Designed to expand leadership skills, our Leadership Development Programme (LDP) welcomes cohorts of likeminded individuals across a thirteen-month programme.

With only six days required out of the office, leaders will develop their skills, mindset and network over the duration of the course, whilst also gaining the opportunity to build close relationships with executives.

Course delegates also benefit from one-on-one coaching and tailored assessments to suit organisational needs.

Find out more about the Leadership Development Programme now

Everything DiSC®

A personal development learning experience, Everything DiSC® measures an individual’s preferences and tendencies based on the DiSC® model.

Our parent company, DKS Straightforward Ltd, became an authorised partner of Everything DiSC® in 2018 and we have been working with organisations across the North East on customisable solutions to meet unique training needs. Incorporating the simple yet powerful model which describes four basic styles: D, i, S, and C, our clients have received personalised insights to deepen their understanding of both their self and of others, making workplace interactions more enjoyable and effective.

Within the Discover stage of our leadership journey we have often introduced Everything DiSC Workplace®. Available through both virtual or in-person training, Everything DiSC Workplace® teaches learners to understand themselves and others, whilst also understanding how to appreciate different priorities, preferences and values of colleagues.

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The Five Behaviors®

Another product in the Wiley family, The Leadership Academy is also the only authorised partner in the North East of England to deliver The Five Behaviors® programme.

A result of the partnership between Wiley Workplace Learning Solutions and best-selling author Patrick Lencioni, The Five Behaviors® is specifically designed around team dynamics, improved communication and results.

Included in the suite of The Five Behaviors® programmes, The Five Behaviors® Personal Development was created to completely redefine teamwork and collaboration by integrating Patrick Lencioni’s model. No matter what level an individual is in the business, all learners can benefit from this programme by adopting its principles to create a common language that empowers people to work together more effectively. 

Find out more about The Five Behaviors® Personal Development

Skills Pick 'n' Mix - Thinkific Courses

We launched our Thinkific platform in early 2020 to allow individuals to access learning from the comfort of their home. From skills such as time management and delegation to performance appraisals and team development, you can enrol onto our available online courses or have a whole learning experience created for your organisation. 

Your Next Steps

If you’re just starting out in your leadership journey or you want to find out more about yourself, the Discover stage is for you. 

Send us an email today to get started. 


Once you’ve conquered the Discover stage, the Learn section is the next stop on your journey.

Whether you’re transitioning from our starting point of self-discovery or you’re just joining us here, we’ve got a range of programmes to help you progress in your career as a leader. 


Whether you’ve been newly promoted to a leadership position or you’ve managed a team for years, it’s productive to challenge yourself. 

The Challenge stage of our leadership journey allows you to unpick bad habits and learn new processes to propel yourself and your organisation forward. 

Start Learning Today

Alongside our programmes, we have a whole host of resources available for you to access, so why not start your learning right now?

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