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In an increasingly noisy marketplace for talent, it’s more important than ever to ensure you have processes in place to hire that ‘right fit’. When a sea of candidates is presented to you, how do you find the best one? What support do you currently have when it comes to narrowing down the perfect employee?

Recruitment mistakes cost UK businesses a pretty penny every year. It’s no surprise that 51% of HR directors admit to not knowing the true cost of a failed hire, particularly when considering not only the loss of salary and investment in that individual, but the loss of team productivity and wider impact on the business.

One thing we are big believers of at The Leadership Academy is the culture catalyst and ensuring businesses are promoting a positive cultural change by hiring the right people, whilst also looking after current staff.

Understanding and developing your talent is about cultural change. We need to develop a mindset in which we recruit for attitude and train for skills, whilst understanding the right attributes that are required for different roles.

That’s where our talent development programmes come in. We don’t just tell you how to hire smarter. We shape our content into a development journey that matches the needs of your business. This could be through white-label training courses, certifying HR directors to deliver certain products, creating online learning resources for your team or facilitating training content in-person or virtually.

PXT Select

Great leaders know success begins with selecting the right people and engaging them to their full potential. We help organisations of all sizes create high-performing workforces through a scientifically-validated understanding of their people. Our suite of solutions provides our clients with accurate, objective and reliable data so they can confidently hire, manage and retain productive employees. With the right people in the right roles, developed to their full potential, organisations can build high-performing cultures where people thrive.

With over 20 years of experience, scientific research and innovative technology, the PXT Select™ suite of solutions gives organisations a competitive advantage by providing actionable data to face the most common employee-related challenges, including:

  • Screening
  • Job Matching
  • Coaching & Development
  • Performance Management
  • Strategic Workforce Planning

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The Certification for Talent Management Experts, HR Executives and Decision Makers

The PXT Select™ Expert Practitioner Certification takes your knowledge to a deeper level, giving you the expertise and strategies you need to become an expert and internal advocate on how to implement this powerful tool in your workplace. Our virtual programme gives you the flexibility of self-paced learning that is engaging and immediately applicable in your organisation. Upon successful completion of this course, you will receive the credential of PXT Select™ Certified Practitioner.

Programme components include:

  • Self-paced, online learning paired with a live virtual classroom experience
  • Three 90-minute virtual sessions over three weeks
  • Small-group work and discussions to explore real life scenarios
  • A capstone presentation project to synthesize your learnings
  • A final certification exam

Upon successful completion of the program, participants receive the credential of PXT Select™ Certified Expert Practitioner.

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Leadership Development Programme

Our Leadership Development Programme (LDP) has been designed for those specialists and star contributors who have now increased leadership responsibilities, as well as managers who span business functions and levels, from project leaders to business unit managers. 

Offering a broader understanding of business operations and the wider marketplace, our LDP equips you with the tools and knowledge to emerge as a more confident leader and decision maker. 

Across the thirteen-month learning experience, in which you’ll only need to be out of the office for six days, you’ll build close relationships with a group of individuals who understand your challenges and can offer a fresh perspective. 

As well as the hosted group sessions at our Sunderland HQ, you’ll also benefit from one-on-one coaching, assessments and peer feedback, allowing you to connect with like-minded individuals and track your own professional development journey.

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Why is Developing Talent Important?

The war on talent is only getting fiercer and now is the time to make sure you are attracting the best of the best in your industry, whilst ensuring they are the correct fit for your business. 

It’s also crucial to ensure you develop the talent within your business so that your best people don’t go and look for an opportunity elsewhere. By keeping your talented people and giving them the drive to progress in their career, you are giving your organisation a competitive advantage. 

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