Management Fundamentals

Looking for a training solution for multiple managers in your business? Management Fundamentals is the answer.

According to a report from the Department of Business Innovation and Skills in 2012, best-practice management development can result in a 23% increase in organisational performance. But developing our management team isn’t as easy, or as effective, as following a box ticking exercise. It requires a level of understanding and training to really make a difference. 

Our Management Fundamentals programme has been developed with management teams in mind and through this we advocate a mixture of self reflection-based modules, to review participants’ strengths and weaknesses, alongside skills building modules. Through this both intra and interpersonal skills are addressed and enhanced, ensuring that your team fully understand themselves and the professional development journey they need to go on. 

About the programme

Assessments and Coaching

At The Leadership Academy we are a certified Sapphire partner for Wiley and through this we introduce Everything DiSC assessments in our programmes. Learners on the Management Fundamentals programme will be offered an Everything DiSC 360° assessment at the beginning and end of the training to
create coaching plan and measure development. 

As part of the programme we also recommend 1-on-1 coaching with our CEO Dianne Sharp, who can work with managers on a personal plan tailored to their 360° assessment outcomes. 

All participants will also benefit from a full day introduction session utilising Everything DiSC Management assessments, alongside half-day reinforcement sessions focused on practical application of our skills modules. 


Skills Modules

As part of the Management Fundamentals programme, participants will have access to a selection on online, self-guided skills modules designed to address the various skills required by managers. 

These modules can be used on a ‘pick and mix’ basis to address the needs of each individuals and we currently have over 30 modules to choose from, including: 

  • Budgeting 
  • Crisis Management
  • Delegating
  • Leading people
  • Virtual Team Management
  • And more


Three Skill Approach

Based on the work of Robert Katz, the Three Skill Approach focuses not on what a good manager is, but rather on what they do.

Combining technical skills, human skills and conceptual skills, the Three Skill Approach essentially looks at what skills managers exhibit to carry out their jobs effectively, looking beyond innate traits and characteristics. 

Technical skill

The technical skill involves specialised knowledge, analytical ability within that specialty, and facility in the use of the tools and techniques of the specific

Human skill
The human skill is the manager’s ability to work effectively as a group member and to build cooperative effort within
the team he leads. 

Conceptual skill
The conceptual skill involves the ability to see the enterprise as a whole; in recognising how the various functions of the organisation depend on one another and how changes in any one part affect all the others; and it extends
to visualising the relationship of the business to the market, the community, and the political, social, and economic forces as a whole. 

Three Skills Model

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