Leadership Development Programme

Leadership is a wide-ranging topic and comes in many guises. But what really works?

We’re told that effective leadership is a fundamental foundation for organisational success but how do we invest in both our current and future leaders in the most cost-effective way, saving both time and money?

Companies are spending thousands of pounds on leadership development every year and yet…


of frontline managers fail within the first two years in their role


feel they were not ready for the role


reported receiving no management training

It’s time for a different approach.

When it comes to making a great leader, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach and there’s certainly no handbook.

Every leader has a different style and a different group of people that will have different needs depending on their role and experience.

Developing leadership skills shouldn’t be about just ticking boxes on a personal development record – we are all individuals and this programme above all others, reflects that.

Accelerate Your Leadership Development

Do you want to:

  • Accelerate your growth as a leader?
  • Broaden your business perspective and strategic vision?
  • Lead cross-functional initiatives and high-impact teams?
  • Drive change and innovation across your organisation, industry and borders?
  • Increase your value to your employer?

Create your competitive advantage at The Leadership Academy. Understand yourself, your team and your commercial landscape better.

“I’ve found the LDP course so useful for personal development and also the way it makes you understand others better. It’s really given me the confidence to take a step up. The 121’s in particular have been really helpful and very personal. I love doing the course with other people as well as you tend to learn just as much from seeing someone else’s perspective” Caroline Cleary, Lanchester Wines

“The leadership programme is an excellent way to expand your potential and concentrate on your own development that will be beneficial to both you and your employer. It’s a great environment to concentrate on areas you may have no experience of and learn from those around you” Sarah Cooper, Synergi.

Learn your way

The reliance on virtual learning in 2020 allowed us to re-evaluate our current offering for the Leadership Development Programme. Through this we decided it was time to introduce a completely virtual cohort of the LDP, allowing leaders from across the UK to access a condensed version of our flagship programme.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about joining our next virtual cohort. 

Why Study Leadership Development?

The Leadership Development Programme combines intrapersonal (leader development focusing on the individual leader) and interpersonal (leadership capacity development in a group environment).

What’s that in English? Well, we look at the individual, their approaches, behaviours and thought processes, then develop more technical skills and introduce the opportunity to learn and share with peers.

Research shows that programmes combining both of these aspects best deliver effective, long-term improvements in leadership and that two feedback interventions has the ability to improve leader effectiveness more so than a single intervention, regardless of the initial capability.

Designed to expand your leadership skills, mindset and network, LDP requires just six days away from the office over the course of thirteen months. This thirteen-month programme creates the opportunity to build close relationships with a select group of executives who understand your challenges but provide fresh viewpoints. 

Coaching is also highly integrated, with one-on-one coaching, assessments, and peer feedback, included so that your Executive Coach can help you realise your true leadership potential.

For a detailed look at the course modules, download our eBook.

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