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Coaching might not be the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to professional development, but it's a relationship that can be hugely beneficial.

Challenges in the workplace have always been there, but the recent pandemic has resulted in even more hurdles for us to overcome. As a result we’re having to adapt as leaders in order to tackle changes that we’ve never been faced with before. 

We’re all know that being a leader comes with a wealth of new responsibilities. But aside from this there are also new expectations. We need to be creative, strategic and detail-orientated and when this isn’t something we’re used to, where do you even begin?

Since our inception at The Leadership Academy we’ve recognised the important, crucial role that coaching has on a business. Leaders, both new and existing, can start to develop necessary critical thinking skills and business acumen through 1-to-1 coaching. Not only can coaching impact employee engagement, it can also help develop the key reflection and thinking skills to transfer approaches and models from training sessions to day-to-day pragmatic solutions.

Why Coaching?

Coaching equips leaders with skills to make more complex decisions, whilst learning how to react to different situations

Coaching is a way for leaders to discuss ideas, strategies and challenges in a space dedicated to their growth. Organisations at large benefit from the sharpened focus and expanded thought process that individual leaders develop by working closely with a coach, while individual leaders benefit from the exponential growth and targeted development opportunities.

At The Leadership Academy we offer bespoke, 1-to-1 executive coaching packages with our CEO Dianne Sharp. A qualified accountant, with an MBA from Durham University, alongside 30 years experience in and managing SME businesses across a range of sectors, Dianne has a strong track record of growing and developing businesses domestically and internationally. Believing that theory is great, but nothing beats practical experience, Dianne provides business coaching, consultancy and training based on up to date business principles moulded to embrace the practical realities of running a business.

Why choose Leadership Academy?

At The Leadership Academy, we can help you and your team recognise your true potential. Whether you’re looking to communicate more effectively, understand yourself better or improve your workplace skills, our range of training courses and coaching can transform your career journey

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