Challenge Yourself

So you like a challenge, do you? Well you’re in the right place.

No matter how long you’ve been in business or led a team you never stop learning, right? Sometimes we just need to stop. Unpick all our bad habits. And then re-build. Other times we need to open up to new ideas, different ways of thinking or just sharing with like-minded people. This part of the journey is exactly that.

From newly promoted leaders to those who have managed a team for years and need a fresh approach, our courses in the Challenge portfolio are designed to push learners out of their comfort zone.

Everything DiSC Work Of Leaders

Everything DiSC Work of Leaders® is a personalised learning experience that connects leadership skills with real life scenarios. 

Bringing together best practices from 300 experts, alongside over four years of additional research from Wiley, this programme gives learners an actionable path to becoming a more effective leader. 

Using a unified leadership model of Vision, Alignment and Execution, participants on the course will understand their own leadership style and how their behaviours can influence different leadership situations. 

Everything DiSC 363® for Leaders

Combining the best 360-degree feedback, Everything DiSC 363® for Leaders uses the power of DiSC® and strategy to implement immediately. 

Using clear visuals and a conversational narrative, data is explained and interpreted easily to make reports easier to understand and use. 

Whether you’re an experienced executive or an upcoming leader, learners will incorporate critical feedback from direct reports, colleagues and management into a single development plan to boost productivity.  

Find out more about Everything DiSC 363® for Leaders today.

Leadership Tools


Our executive coaching has enabled a wide range of senior business people to enhance their performance and deliver both business and personal objections. Sessions are typically one and a half hours and can be scheduled monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly, either in-person or via video call.

Custom Programmes

We provide a comprehensive portfolio of consulting services, addressing high-impact, strategic issues and solving operational problems at every level of your business. Our custom programmes are designed in line with your specific requirements and can be hosted at your organisation, in our Sunderland HQ or through online modules.


As a certified Wiley partner, we offer a range of assessments that your team can benefit from including Everything DiSC®, The Five Behaviors™ and PXT Select.

Competency Framework

Creating a common understanding of the expectations around values and required skills for each role in your organisation helps to unify and drive a workforce. Clarity and parity is key. Let us help you create a structure that works for your team that provides discipline, reward and recognition and aspiration as you develop a high performing, loyal workforce.

Leadership Development Programme

Designed to expand leadership skills, our Leadership Development Programme (LDP) welcomes cohorts of likeminded individuals across a thirteen-month programme.

With only six days required out of the office, leaders will develop their skills, mindset and network over the duration of the course, whilst also gaining the opportunity to build close relationships with executives.

Course delegates also benefit from one-on-one coaching and tailored assessments to suit organisational needs.

Skills Pick 'n Mix With Thinkific

If you’re looking to increase a specific skill before enrolling into one of our larger programmes, you can access our Thinkific Courses online from the comfort of your own computer.

With training available for skills such as time management and delegation, our courses will help you to develop and improve leadership traits through several lessons. We can even create a whole learning experience for your business.

The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team®

The result of a partnership between multinational publishing company Wiley and author Patrick Lencioni, The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team® is a team development programme that improves effectiveness and productivity through the application of The Five Behaviors™: 

Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability and Results.

The programme as a whole enables participants to create results by crafting a more collaborative and enjoyable work environment together. 

Find out more about The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team® by getting in touch today.


We offer a certification service for those in HR or senior management who have the responsibility for creating effective leaders within an organisation. Our aim is to empower businesses, not for them to be reliant on us. We are licenced to train you in any of the product ranges you feel will enhance your company culture. You can own the methodology and embed it yourself across your organisation. 

We recommend starting with a certification in Everything DiSC® before moving on to The Five Behaviors™ and PXT Select, but all three link powerfully together for any size of business.

If you’re not sure which one suits you best. Drop us an email and we’ll help with an assessment of your needs. 

Discover more in our portfolio of programmes on our courses page

Your Next Steps

Challenging yourself to be a better leader ensures that you are constantly focusing on professional development for both yourself and your team.  Our Challenge stage of the journey enables you to open your mind and understand different scenarios and processes that you may not have previously explored. 

Send us an email today to get started. 


Whether you’re a new manager or you just want to understand yourself better, our Discover stage is perfect to explore your behavioural styles and develop your learning to be the best possible leader.  


The Learn section is the second stage in our leadership journey but you don’t necessarily have to complete the Discover stage before you join. 

In our Learn portfolio you’ll find a whole host of programmes that’ll help you progress in your leadership career. 

Start Learning Today

Whilst you’re deciding on the right programme for you, don’t forget to check out our resources page for a range of blogs and eBooks from the team. 

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