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Developing the leaders of tomorrow

The Leadership Academy is a learning experience specifically designed to enhance and evolve the leaders of today and tomorrow.

Adopting the latest behavioural techniques of Wiley’s Everything DiSC®, Five Behaviors® and PXT Select, combined with authentic real-world experience, we unlock the potential of your people with our virtual or in-person sessions. 

We exist to equip businesses with the tools, knowledge and strategies in making organisational change, whether that’s with individuals or full teams. Ready to transform your leaders? Get in touch today. 

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The LEadership Academy Journey

Transform your managers into the most effective leaders they can be


When someone becomes a leader, everyone expects you to automatically ‘know’ how to lead. Maybe as a director or senior leader you might even assume that your new leadership hire is ready to take on that next step. That accountability and additional responsibility may now be in place, but what about the knowledge to back it up?

Whether you are an individual looking to improve your leadership skills or a business requiring training for your management team, the first step in the leadership journey is to discover what success looks like.

At The Leadership Academy we are a certified Sapphire partner for Wiley, meaning you can begin to understand your leadership style and behavioural tendencies today by taking an Everything DiSC® or The Five Behaviors® assessment with us. 


We are constantly learning and although someone may have already started their leadership journey, there is still plenty to be learnt when it comes to both the leader and their team. 

With over 30 years of experience in and managing businesses, we’ve got the war stories and blood-stained t-shirts to enhance the learning experience of leaders.

Learning is fundamental to succeed and our learn stage of the leadership journey will ensure you are regularly improving your knowledge and skills through our Leadership Development Programme.


As a leader, we’re expected to adapt and pivot when necessary. Accepting that challenge and embracing both professional and personal development makes us stronger leaders.

The challenge stage of our leadership journey is for leaders who are ready to push themselves out of their comfort zone, unpick bad habits and re-build their skills to suit different scenarios, such as organisational change.

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