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When we launched The Leadership Academy, our main aim was to transform the North East economy one leader at a time. Since then we’ve expanded to working with ambitious businesses across the whole of the UK, offering training, coaching and online courses to individuals who want to progress in their careers. 

Whether you’re just starting out on your leadership journey or you’ve reached the top of the ladder, we have a course to suit your professional development needs.

Leadership Development Programme

Our Leadership Development Programme (LDP) is suitable for management and leaders at all stages of their career. 

A thirteen-month learning experience, with only six days required out of the office, our LDP creates an opportunity to build close relationships with a select group of individuals who can relate to your challenges and provide a fresh viewpoint.  

Alongside group sessions, we also introduce one-on-one coaching, assessments and peer feedback so you can communicate with like-minded individuals and continuously track your own professional development. 

Visit our Leadership Development Programme page to find out more.

Team Effectiveness

Our Team Effectiveness Programme is built to drive organisational change that makes teamwork and collaboration easier far more efficient for your business. 

Designed with small teams in mind, but able to scale and be made more bespoke to suit larger organisations, the programme helps build a more cohesive team in your business.

We offer group training, team retreats and bespoke training packages tailored to your requirements. 

View the Team Effectiveness Programme page by clicking here to learn more.

Cultural Development

The best personal and professional development starts with the individual. Understanding yourself, as well as other members of your team, allows you to communicate more effectively and recognise any barriers that could be in your way. 

Creating an effective team culture goes beyond freebies and perks. It’s about understanding and relating to your people so that they feel valued. 

Our cultural development programmes address any issues you may have as a team, as well as any strengths you have, to identify behaviours and working styles so you can communicate better. Alongside our own training courses, we incorporate products from multinational publishing company Wiley, including Everything DiSC® and Five Behaviors® of a Cohesive Team.

Click here to visit our cultural development page. 

Talent Development

Finding and attracting new talent to your business shouldn’t be rocket science, yet it’s something that many of us struggle with. 

From encouraging individuals to apply for a position, to whittling down a candidate list and offering the winning prospective employee a role, it’s a process that runs like clockwork. Until it goes wrong.

Our talent development programmes help you to attract the right candidates for your team and craft professional development journeys for your existing talent.

Click here to visit our talent development page.

Who is the Leadership Academy?

The Leadership Academy unlocks the potential of your people through a range of development programmes, online courses and executive coaching.

Our unique programmes are developed and delivered by professionals who have been there and have the blood-stained shirts to prove it. We have the knowledge and years of experience managing teams to equip leaders with the right tools, allowing organisations to thrive.

Whether you attend our programmes virtually through our online portal or in person at our Sunderland HQ or we come to you at your workplace, we’ll ensure you get the most out of your professional development journey.

Start Learning Today

Ready to dip your toe in the water but not sure if a full programme is for you? We have a range of resources that you can access right now, from blog posts and eBooks to webinars and podcasts.

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